Our Story

While working as a pastor in Chicago, Founder of Hope for Today, Peter, and his wife, Esther, used their vacation time to serve on short-term mission trips. On their way home from one of the trips in which the couple served, Peter turned on the radio to a Christian station.

He began reflecting on the blessings of American culture and the gift that he possessed, as an American, to live in a region of the world where the Gospel was so easily accessible. In many regions outside of the United States, there is no worship music, no Gospel, no one who is sharing about the fierce love of Jesus. Peter began to see how darkness surrounds those with no opportunity to hear the Word of God.

The burden to share the Gospel with those who did not have access to the teaching of Jesus became evident.

After seeking guidance from God, Peter and Esther moved their family to South Asia for six months, where in which, their lives were forever changed. It became clear to the couple that God was calling them to be a light in South Asia. So in 1997, Peter and Ester packed their bags to follow the Lord’s leading.

As Peter preached in large churches, he witnessed multitudes of people in the city with various ranges of social status. In particular, the Lord broke his heart for the slum dwellers who were sleeping on the street. Deep within, he heard the Lord speak the words of Romans 10:14,

How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in?

And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard?

And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?

These questions held Peter’s heart’s attention as he became more and more convinced that these people needed to attend a church service and hear the teaching of Jesus. Unfortunately, many churches in the area were not ready to welcome people from the slums into their doors. It was then that the burden to go and teach these people about the Lord was laid on Peter’s heart.

With open arms, they welcomed Peter and Esther as they were told about the love that Christ had for each of them. This was the launch of Hope for Today. Twenty years later, our message remains...

Jesus, for the people of South Asia.


Our Impact


Hope for Today is sharing the Gospel using our three-prong ministry approach; reaching these people through compassion ministries, a church planting discipleship movement, and leadership development. Our ministries are calibrated to meet the acute physical and spiritual needs of those we serve. Our tools and programs meet the needs of the whole person and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in culturally appropriate and effective ways. Our ministries impact children, women and men throughout South Asia from a variety of faith backgrounds and socioeconomic levels.

In 2018, we have had the opportunity to impact over 30,000 lives in South Asia and see God at work in all three areas of Hope for Today’s work.

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