As I was serving the Lord in India, it never occurred to me that there are people living in extremely cold conditions. One of our team members brought to my attention that hundreds of people were dying each winter from exposure to the harsh cold. I realized that if we could provide blankets to such people it might help them. In December of 2009, Hope for Today began sharing blankets and the gospel story to people in Northern India with the hope that they would hear and see Jesus.

This project, now known as “Wrapped in Love,” has become a permanent part of Hope for Today’s Compassion Ministries, where our team provides blankets and shares the love of God every year. Our team goes up into remote mountain villages to visit people that are isolated there during the winter. They give these people blankets, pray with them and even provide them a bible. People have always responded so positively, saying that no one has ever shown this kind of care and concern for them before. They can’t believe that our team takes the time to come and give them blankets and see that they are warm. Many have come to faith in Christ through this small act of kindness.

The testimonies from our blanket distribution are countless. One of my personal favorites is the story of a blind Muslim man who, upon receipt of a blanket, said, “I have heard many stories about Jesus, but this is the first time I have ever seen Him.”
— Peter Pereira

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A blanket is delivered in the name of Jesus for only $10.

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